THEOFFICIALVEN a.k.a iL'V is a Brooklyn born Pop/R&B sensation with a unique sound and dynamic harmonies set to captivate hearts all around the world. iL'V grew up in a hip hop/R&B/Reggae household yet always took an interest in pop. Growing up in a household with little performing arts influence iL'V soon would take an increased interest in music and entertainment which would later manifest to reach other genres and markets internationally. 

iL'V is self-taught in Korean and Spanish for purpose of one day reaching those industries. While attending Pace University in 2009 iL'V auditioned for all of the top 3 entertainment labels at the time. SM Entertainment took a special interest in iL'V's Korean speaking and ballad skills. Along with SM, iL'V auditioned for JYP and YG entertainment as well. At this time iL'V started to create online buzz with his K-Pop and ballad covers posted online participating in several contests. iL'V also almost become a member of Korean boy band SEVENTEEN under Pledis Entertainment which was a huge milestone for iL'V as this represented a change in traditional casting practices in the industry at the time. In 2011 after appearing on Season 3 of Korea's popular singing competition show, Superstar K iL'V began to pick up extreme momentum and rose in popularity. After winning 2nd and 1st in a statewide talent competition iL'V was invited to Korea to compete in a global contest with participants from all around the world hosted in Seoul Korea. There iL'V was recognized by artists like K.Will, T-ARA, SISTAR and SECRET and performed on stage in front of thousands of people in Changwon. iL'V would later return to the US to be welcomed back to Korea by producers to participate in 4 more tv shows and later perform at the Korean parage in Manhattan New York as the only non-Korean performer. 

In 2017 iL'V released his cover of Jason Derulo's "Swalla" featuring NIcki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign which streamed over 80,000 times with no promotion. Currently iL'V is working on his highly anticipated EP to share with the world and solidify his name and brand in the industry.